Frank Fidanza

Hi! My name is Frank Fidanza. I'm a guy slightly below thirty years-old, living Montpellier, France. Ever since I was a student, I've always been passionated by both code writing and infrastructure-related technologies, which led me to become a DevOps.

Any company today willing to work with Agile methods in order to frequently deliver new features for their clients need stuff like infrastructure provisioning, automated deployments, continuous integration, managing containers etc. And that's what I do !

What I Do

Automated deployments

Using Ansible, I write scripts to help make complex application get their way into staging and production environments.

Infrastructure provisioning

Using the Hashicorp suite (Vagrant, Packer, Terraform), I am writing infrascture as code to help build and re-use environments for various purposes.

Backend development

REST APIs, scheduled worker commands, service integration layers, I like to write modern, clean, beautiful code. Mainly PHP through Laravel and Symfony frameworks.


As an entrepreneur, I also teach basics and advanced IT concepts to non-technical teams such as recruiters, product owners, project managers and so on.